#MondayMotivation To-Do List

Monday To-Do List


A Message To My Followers

I want to say a quick Thank You to all my followers. I now have over 2000 followers on here now and in excess of 4000 across all the social media platforms for Inspired4business. Feeling overwhelmed.

I appreciate all my followers for sharing your wisdom and thoughts with me. 🙂

Thank_You Inspired 4 business

All You Followers Are Changing Lives!

Recently I have been speaking with many of my followers about what keeps them interested in the blogosphere and the most common response was this “I love having a community what follow me and read what I am expressing and writing”.

I have to be honest a big part of me actually loves seeing my community grow across here, My Twitter, My LinkedIn and my new up and coming Facebook Page. It really is heart-warming to see people from around the world engage with me so much, for this I am truly grateful and if you are reading this, I thank you!

I actually spend a lot of my free time reading your blog posts and exploring the blogosphere to see what everything is expressing and sharing, it really is awesome to get share a thought with our own personality. I think that this is what it is all about – which INSPIRES ME A LOT!

I remember seeing a post last week with a blogger saying ‘thank you so much’ to the 1000 followers who gives him strength in his battles and challenges with his life. I mean that is really powerful stuff!! This guy is actually having his life changed by the blogosphere to a whole new level. I have always said that the brain is the control panel for the body – So if we read and write here in the blogosphere and help each other by following and engaging well, who knows whose life we will change and improve!! is actually nearly 3 months old and I think I have been very lucky to have so many kind words said about me on my About Me page. It makes me very proud that my blog is inspiring so many of you around the world. Inspired4business

The message I am trying to get across here is this; Keep engaging with as many blogs as you can, as I know from the beautiful people who follow me it is certainly having a very positive and uplifting impact on their lives. If I am not following you – please send me link below or please Get in touch.

Finally, keep reading and keep engaging with me and enjoy the rest of your #MotivatingMonday 🙂


My Personal Advice On Confidence

Confident Woman Inspired4business

Hello Everyone.

Thank you for the on-going support and comments I really appreciate it!

Now, many of my followers get in touch with me and ask my opinion on certain aspects of being motivated and ask me for my perspective on matters.

One question in particular which I want to share with you is this one from Ian;

“How can I become more confident in myself?”

As I am not a Life Coach or Motivational Speaker, I wanted to give Ian the advice that has helped me personally. When I was younger, I had confidence issues and was very reserved. I now realise that I could have got so much  more out of situations, had I been more confident.

Here is what I advised to Ian;

                There are 2 ways in which I think you can become more confident as of now. The first being ‘Act Confident’. If you actually act like you are confident and appear to others this way, you actually start to become more confident without even realising. Naturally, you have to make sure that the starting boxes are ticked with personal hygiene and decent attire as this certainly will help. There was a well know study that found, if we act in a particular way, we actually become this way. So by acting more confident we begin to become more capable in ourselves, thus being confident.

               The second piece of advice was something I was told when I was first employed by a huge Business Development Company in the middle of a City Centre.  At such a young age, I felt out of my depth and swallowed up by the whole situation.  My Operations Director advised a 19 year old me to simply do this; make good eye contact and smile.  He added these two easy and simple actions will not only make people like you but you will appear confident to those around you. Now, I am generally a happy person, but I realised I was not smiling when people looked in my direction and I would move my eye contact away. I took action straight away and took onboard this advice and BANG!! instantly, I felt better and started to appear more confident.

This was exactly what I advised Ian, Don’t be afraid to meet the gaze of someone else. This shows not only that you are a person worthy of communicating with, but it tells them you respect them, acknowledge their presence, and are interested in the conversation.  This action alone can not only make you more friends but hold you in good stead for you career and life.

I hope that what I said to Ian will help some of you too. It certainly helps me and others I tell this to in my personal life. Tomorrow I am at a HUGE business event in the City Centre with over 600 business leaders. I will be certain to make sure I make good eye contact and smile – accompanied with a firm handshake which is also something else that screams CONFIDENCE!!

If you have any tips or ideas that help with confidence please share with me below…

Thank you for reading and I hope you found this post useful.




Change your mind in just 2.50 mins (Motivational Video)

First of all thank you to all my new followers and readers.

I appreciate you coming to my blog and leaving some awesome comments on my About Me page. It makes me feel very happy to hear that my posts are having the desired affect. I mean an inspirational story or video certainly can’t do any of us any harm!!

Today Inspired4business has been active for 2 months and it has been brilliant. I have already engaged with some superb people. You know who you are! 🙂

My goal to make this blog a Top Inspirational Place on the internet is going in the right direction. My goal is being made by you, my readers. When I engage with you albeit on my blog or yours – it is heart-warming to exchange comments and share our thoughts. Thank you very much, all of you.

Now, onto this post…

I watched a YouTube Video today and I am going to tell you it was awesome. It is called “Change your mind in just 2.50 mins”.

You have to spend this very short time watching this as it will most certainly have a positive impact on you. As many of you know I am a huge fan of inspirational clips as the visual pleasure helps you absorb the message. When I posted Mindshift – Motivational Video (Positive Thoughts) I was pleasantly surprised by how many of you enjoyed this clip.

Please watch this below and let me know your thoughts…


Thank you for watching this video and thank you for reading this post.

Keep following. Steve